Magic Orb

Magic Orb

Dry Bones using a Magic Orb in Mario Party 7.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 7- Character Orb that only Boo and Dry Bones can use. The effects last for two turns, including the turn this Orb is used on. During its effect, Boo(Dry Bones) is able to move double the amount rolled on a Dice Block and is not affected by Roadblock Orbs. Self Orbs can't be used while this Orb is in effect.
Coin Cost 15 coins(Mario Party 7)
Rarity Uncommon

The Magic Orb is one of the six special Character Orbs in Mario Party 7. This Orb can only be bought and used by Boo and Dry Bones. Once this Orb is activated, Boo(Dry Bones) turn invisible through the duration of his turn, thus protecting him from any Roadblock Orbs he passes. Boo(Dry Bones) is also able to move twice the amount of spaces rolled on the Dice Block. However, the invisibility effects stop at the end of each turn, meaning that Boo(Dry Bones) is still affected by any Single Space Orb he lands on. The effects of this Orb last for two turns, including the turn it is used on and doesn't allow the use of any Self Orbs while this Orb is in effect.

[edit] Trivia

Although never confirmed, the Magic Orb is quite possibly an invention from Professor E. Gadd as the Orb bears the Professor's company logo.

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