Luma (species)

SMG YellowLuma.jpg
Species Star
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Latest Appearance Mario Tennis Open

The Lumas are a star-like creature that would make its first appearance in Super Mario Galaxy. They would come in several different colors and would be more circular and have the ability to talk. They have the ability to change into minor planetoids to entire galaxies. Lumas would identify Rosalina as their "mama. She would say that some would turn into Power Stars.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

There would be one cream-colored Luma that would appear in the Mario series and it would be the Luma that Rosalina would give to Mario at the start of Super Mario Galaxy. He would allow Mario to perform spins. Yellow Lumas can turn into Sling Stars and Launch Stars and be the most common variety seen. Red Lumas would turn into Red Stars. Green Lumas would be the guardians for the Trial Galaxies and will turn into Green Launch Stars and Green Stars. Blue Lumas would turn into Pull Stars. Pink Lumas would turn into pink Launch Stars that will get to hungry Luma galaxies. Lumalee is a large, light-blue Luma that will take care of the Luma Shop. There is also another pink Luma called the Hungry Luma. And the final type of Luma would be the Prankster Comet Luma that can move Prankster Coments.

At the end, all Lumas would throw themselves into the black hole that was created by Bowser's dying sun to neutralize it. They would be reborn and living on a small planet.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

There would be a yellow Luma that would be revolve around Rosalina during the game. It would make small noises whenever she performs a trick in the air.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

They would return in Super Mario Galaxy 2. At the start of the game, Bowser would attack Lubba's ship and many of the Lumas would fall off and down to the Mushroom World. Many Lumas would reside on the Starship Mario. Hungry Lumas would return and would ask to be fed Star Bits and Coins before they create a galaxy. In Supermassive Galaxy, there would be Giant Lumas.

[edit] Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Yellow Lumas would appear in the Dream Spacewalk event for this game and help aid them in defeating Dino Piranha. They can transform into Launch Stars and send the characters into space.

[edit] Fortune Street

They would appear on the Good Egg Galaxy board.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

There would be a Luma that would be a playable character in Mario Tennis Open. It can be unlocked after the player has finished the third level of the Galaxy Rally special game. It is a Technique-type character and would have a turquoise racquet with a picture of Luma on it. Red and Green Lumas would appear on the Galaxy Arena court. When the player plays on the Galaxy Rally game, the opponent Luma would be a blue Luma. The player could also unlock tennis gear of the Luma for their Mii.

[edit] Colors

The Lumas would come in different colors and have abilities that depend on their color:

[edit] Yellow Lumas

They can transform into Launch Stars and Sling Stars.

[edit] Blue Lumas

Can transform into Pull Stars.

[edit] Hungry Lumas (Pink Lumas)

Can transform into new planets or galaxy and turn into pink Launch Stars.

[edit] Green Lumas

Will guard their Trial Galaxies and can turn into Green Power Stars someday.

[edit] Red Luma

Can turn into the Red Star on the Comet Observatory.

[edit] Purple Hungry Luma

Will give Mario information for the Prankster Comets and will shuffle them between galaxies.

[edit] Orange Luma

Co-Star Luma that the second player can control in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

[edit] Turquoise Luma

Have no known power, but are seen on the sides of the Galaxy Arena court in Mario Tennis Open.

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