A Blue Luma
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Latest Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2
Relations Rosalina
Young Master Luma

A Luma is a young star still in the process of maturing into a full star. They are found in the games Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. These little stars were adopted by their "mama", Rosalina, one who travels the cosmos. Using their various different abilities and items available to them, they help Mario travel throughout the galaxies in order to save his special one.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

The Lumas live alongside Rosalina on the Star Observatory, appearing all around it, including in the sky and inside the domes. They also appear on the various galaxies, giving advice to Mario on how he should advance in order to rescue his special one. There are special Lumas in this game, one being Young Master Luma, who travels alongside Mario (giving him his ability to spin), and Polari, a Luma that assists Rosalina in guiding Mario.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Lumas live together with Lubba, a big, fat, purple Luma who serves as the first mate on Starship Mario. This time however, the Lumas are not seen as often, despite being everywhere in the universe once more. There are two special Lumas in this game as well, one being Baby Luma, who gives Mario his spin ability, and the other being Lubba, who helps Mario decide where to go in the galaxy in order to save his special one from the monster.

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