Lucky Space

Lucky Space
Lucky Space.JPG
Lucky Space as seen in Mario Party 8.
Effect Be sent to an area to receive a reward.
First Appearance Mario Party 8
Latest Appearance Mario Party 9


[edit] Space Info

A Lucky Space is a space that appears in Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 9. When landing on this place, the player is usually taken to an area that's not accesible otherwise, and obtain a reward. Mario Party 8 will reward the player with a free Star, while Mario Party 9 rewards players a certain amount of Mini Stars.

[edit] Mario Party 8

Lucky Spaces in this game generally lead players to a free Star. Before reaching the Star, there are a few Blue Spaces, each with coins on them. The following is what happens when landing on this space on a particular board map.

[edit] DK's Treetop Temple

The player is taken to an area behind the main board map. He/She must then follow a short path that leads to a free Star.

[edit] Goomba's Booty Boardwalk

The player will ride a dolphin to an small island. The path on that island leads to a large treasure chest with a free Star.

[edit] King Boo's Haunted Highway

The player will head up the stairs to another floor and move on a short path towards a Warp Pipe, which leads you to the room with King Boo. You still must pay 10 coins to receive the Star, but you're guaranteed to reach that amount since the blue spaces after landing on the Lucky Space will total to an amount over 10 coins.

[edit] Shy Guy's Perplex Express

The player will be dropped off at a station and move on a short path. At the end, Shy Guy will reward the player with a free Star.

[edit] Koopa's Tycoon Town

There are two Lucky Spaces on this map, each taking you to a different area, with the same purpose. Koopa will drive you to an area in which you are to follow a short path to a 3-Star Hotel that you'll be able to invest in, giving you 3 Stars.

[edit] Bowser's Warped Orbit

This map is the only map that doesn't feature a Star from landing on this space. When landing on this space, a Shy Guy will appear and take the player to another area. You go along a short path and come across three pieces of candy, each being either a Bullet Candy or Bowser Candy.

[edit] Mario Party 9

Lucky Space
MP9 Lucky Space.png
Lucky Space as seen in Mario Party 8.

Lucky Spaces in this game mostly involve players obtaining Mini Stars, and possibly Special Dice Blocks. There are 2 types of Lucky Spaces that occur multiple times on each of the board map. One Lucky Space sends you into a Warp Pipe that leads to an area full with Mini Star Spaces and another which sends you into a Toad House and give you the opportunity to win Mini Stars and a Special Dice Block.

Also on some of the board maps have a Lucky Space which triggers an event exclusive to the board. The following boards have an exclusive lucky event:

[edit] Toad Road

The Captain climbs a vine and enter an area in the skies. There are 6 spaces each with two Mini Stars. The Captain rolls a dice block for a chance to earn up to 12 Mini Stars.

[edit] Blooper Beach

All players will end up on a special island shaped as a Star, and consists of 5 spaces. In the center consists of 10 Mini Stars. Players must take turns hitting the dice block and repeatedly go around the island until someone lands on the Lucky Space. Whoever is Captain when landing on this space will obtain the 10 Mini Stars.

[edit] Bowser Station

Whoever is Captain when landing on the Lucky Space exclusive to the board will obtain the amount of Mini Stars that is held in the Jackpot machine.

[edit] DK's Jungle Ruins

The Lucky Space will launch the player to an island with three pillars. Each pillar has 3 Diddy Kong faces. The second face is spinning and the player must stop the face, lining it up with the top and bottom faces of the same pillar and must do this for the remaining two pillars. The more faces the player is able to line up, the more Bananas he/she will obtain.

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