Logger Heads

Logger Heads
Logger Heads.png
Logger Heads as it is seen in Mario Party 9

Logger Heads is a Free-for-All mini-game found in Mario Party 9. The game consists of four players standing around a stump holding axes. The goal of the game is for players to swing the Wii remote down when a log appears on the stump so they can split it. The player who is the quickest will get to split the log first and get a point while the others get nothing. Bob-ombs will also appear on the log sometimes and if a players wack this, everyone will get stunned by the blast except for the players who press and hold A to protect themselves. The first player to split three logs first is the winner.

[edit] Controls

Players swing the wii remote down to chop with their axe, and press and hold the A button to protect themselves.

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