La Bomba

La Bomba
593px-MP7 LaBomba.jpg
La Bomba as it appears in Mario Party 7

La Bomba is a one vs three mini-game found in Mario Party 7. The object of the game is for the lone player to ground pound boxes which sit below the top conveyer belt. Out of these boxes come Bob-ombs which than fall down into the pit where the other three players are. The size of the box varies and one to four Bob-ombs can be dropped at a time depending on which one the player ground pounds. They than fall down into the area below for the other three players to avoid. The Bob-ombs will chase the three players and start blinking red when their about to explode. There are also a couple areas of spikes in the below area which serve as an obstacle that will kick players out if they run into them. The main goal of the three players however is to avoid the Bob-ombs. The single player will win if all three of the players below get kicked out of the game, and the three players win if at least one of them survives in the game until the time runs out.

[edit] Controls

The player sending the Bob-ombs out uses the control pad to move and the A button to jump. They have to press the A button twice to do a ground pound on the boxes. The three players can move with the control pad.

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