King Boo

King Boo
King Boo.png
Role Enemy, Playable Character
Relations Boo
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


[edit] Main Series

King Boo made his debut in Luigi's Mansion. Since then, he has appeared in Super Mario Galaxy with his own galaxy made to resemble the mansion. You have to race him across the Galaxy. He appears in Super Mario Sunshine as a boss in Sirena Beach. You must go to the casino and throw red peppers at his tongue. In Super Mario 64, there's a Big Boo that you have to face, and although there are some resemblances, they are not the same. King Boo was teamed up with Bowser in Super Mario 64 DS, and both Bowser and Kamek in Super Princess Peach. King Boo guarded the Toads to keep them from escaping in Super Princess Peach, and guarded Luigi in Super Mario 64 DS in the stage Big Boo's Haunt.

[edit] Mario Kart

Mario Kart Double Dash!! is the first spin-off game that King Boo was in, and the first game he is playable in. His partner is Petey Piranha, and they are both heavy weights. They have the ability to get all other characters special items. His characters kart are two silver warp pipes. He also appears as a boss in Mario Kart DS. As Peach, you must try to collect 50 coins while King Boo is attacking you. In Mario Kart Wii, he is once again playable. To unlock him, you must beat 50cc Star Cup. He is once again a heavyweight.

[edit] Mario Baseball

In Mario SuperStar Baseball, King Boo was a playable character. He is one of the strongest characters in that game. He will appear once again in Mario Super Sluggers with a white bat with a crown on top which was the same bat he used in Mario Superstar Baseball.

[edit] Mario Party Series

King Boo appears in several Mario Party games, and has his own board in Mario Party 8 made to resemble his mansion. When found, the mansion is emptied and everyone restarts at the beginning. The map changes every time, making it very hard to find where he is.

[edit] Mario Party 9

King Boo would be one of the bosses in Mario Party 9. He is the stage boss for Boo's Horror Castle where he is fought in the minigame King Boo's Puzzle Attack. The players will have to line up power-ups in lines of three or more and deal damage to him. After he reaches below half health, he will start throwing Boos on the field where they will try to stun the player's cursors and make them move until they are shaken off. During the final battle with Bowser, King Boo will be one of the faces on the metal dice block. When he shows up on the stage, he will have Boos circulate around until they reach the boundaries of the stage. He will do this two more times until he disappears.

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