Junior Shrooboid

Junior Shrooboid
Shrooboid Idle.gif
Location Princess Peach's Castle
HP 13
Power 16
Defense 20
Speed 15
Experience 6
Coins 0

The Junior Shrooboid is a green Shroob that first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. This Shroob would use Professor E. Gadd's time machine to travel from the past into the present and make its way to the throne room in Princess Peach's Castle. When he moves, Mario would confront it for a battle. Junior Shrooboid would only have 13 HP and would attack by spinning into its opponent though this makes it easy for Mario to jump over and stomp on it. When the battle is over, Professor E. Gadd would place it in a fluid tube to keep it alive and to study it. He would notice that it reacts to the presence of the Cobalt Star shards. and that the Cobalt Star, could be used to defeat the Shroobs. Unfortunately unknown to the Mario Bros., the Junior Shrooboid had reacted to the Elder Princess Shroob being imprisoned in the Cobalt Star itself.

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