Journal (PMTTYD)

There's lots of stuff located in your Journal! Your journal holds various bits of information, including information on important things you have picked up on your quest. use the control stick to move the cursor and press A to select an item. When the explanation for an item continues off-screen use the c stick to scroll down.

Open the map to read information about the places that Mario has been. Place the cursor on a location to view the description of that place.

Crystal Starts
Check info on the crystal stars you've obtained.

Tattle Log:
Check data on enemies you've scoped out with Goombella's Tattle command.

Check on all the badges you've obtained. Badges you don't have yet will appears a question mark.

This screen will show all recipes that you've had prepared.

Hint: When viewing the Tattle log, Badges, and Recipes screens, use L and R to switch pages, and the Z button to changes the way list is sorted.

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