Jolly Roger Bay

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Jolly Roger Bay

Beginning of Jolly Roger Bay

Star Missions Plunder in the Sunken Ship

Can the Eel Come Out To Play?
Treasure Of The Ocean Cave
Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
Blast to the Stone Pillar
Through the Jet Stream

Jolly Roger Bay is the third level in Super Mario 64. It is the first water level in the game. It is also surrounded by cliffs. The cannon is located right near the beginning of the level. The painting is located near the door to Whomp's Fortress on the right in the main lobby of Princess Peach's Castle. You will need 3 Power Stars to access the level.


[edit] Levels

[edit] Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship

For the first Power Star, Mario will have to dive to the bottom of the bay and get into the sunken ship. Blocking the way is an Unagi, that will leave if Mario touches the eel or goes for air. Once it has moved, Mario can enter the ship. Inside there are four chests that need to be opened in a certain order. When done correctly, the ship will rise to the surface and all water will be drained and the Power Star will be on the ship's bow in a ! Block. To reach this, Mario will have to jump over slippery platforms. If fast enough, Mario can swim up to the ! Block while the water is draining and collect the Power Star.

[edit] Star 2: Can The Eel Come Out To Play?

If Mario has made Unagi leave the ship in the first mission, Unagi will now be in a small cave and will bite Mario if he gets to close. When Unagi lunges out, it will swim away and a star will be on the end of it's tail. All Mario has to do is carefully grab the star . If he touches any part of the eel, then he will be shocked and loss a bit of health.

You can also open the cannon in the level to use. The cannon is located on one of the rocks in the water, near the start of the level.

[edit] Star 3: Treasure Of The Ocean Cave

Going back to the bottom of the bay where the Sunken Ship was, there is a cave that Mario can enter. Inside this cave there is several large pillars that will fall in Mario's direction if he gets close to them. There is a Metal Cap in here as well and a Blue Coin switch that will come in handy for collecting 100 Coins. The Blue Switch is located to the right of the entrance of the cave. You will get a total of 30 coins from Blue Coins. The Power Star is located in one of the chests which Mario will have to open in the correct order. When you go close to the wrong chest, Mario will get shocked and you will have to start it over again. This is similar to the first Star Mission of the course.

[edit] Star 4: Red Coins on the Ship AFloat

For the Fourth Power Star, Mario will need to collect the 8 Red Coins. Unlike what the title of the mission says, not all of the Red Coins are on the Ship. Here is where they are located:

  • Three are on the Ship.
  • Four are underwater in the clams.
  • One on the top of a pillar near the Pink Bob-omb.

Once all 8 Red Coins are collected, the Power Star will appear on top of the ship.

[edit] Star 5: Blast To The Stone Pillar

The fifth Power Star is located on a ledge on the other side of the bay close to where the Ship is located. Beside the ledge there is three stone pillars that Mario can climb. But Mario will need to use the cannon to hit the pillar near the top so Mario can grab a hold of the pillar. The Pink Bob-omb is located near the one Red Coin on the top of the pillar you had to climb to the right near the start of the level. Once Mario is on the ledge, all he has to do is hit the ! Block and the Power Star will appear.

[edit] Star 6: Through the Jet Stream

To collect this Power Star, Mario will need to become Metal Mario. Which will require the Metal Cap. The 6th Power Star is located at the bottom of the bay. Mario should use the Metal Block close to the ship and then Mario can long jump into the bay. Another way is to get the cap from the cave.

[edit] 100 Coins

In Jolly Rogers Bay, there are only 104 coins to collect. Collecting coins isn't that hard in this level. Here are a few hints:

  • Blue Coins in the Cave give you a total of 30.
  • 8 Red Coins
  • Circle of Coins located all around the level.
  • Line of Coins located all around the level.

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