Items (SMB3)

The items that can be found in the game are as follows:

[edit] Items

  • 1-Up Mushroom : If you find one of these and you get it, you will be rewarded with an additional life.

  • Anchor - When you lose in an Airship level, and the ship sails around whatever world you are in, you can use an anchor to keep it in place so that it does not sail around anymore.

  • Ending Cards: The star, flower, or mushrooms at the end of each level, in the black portion. Once you get three, you will get extra lives, depending on what cards you got. Three stars will get you five extra lives, three flowers will get you three extra lives, and three mushrooms will get you two extra lives. If you get three cards and they do not all match, you will get one extra life.
  • Fire Flower - Getting one of these will allow you to shoot firepower at enemies Most enemies will die upon contact, but some are oblivious to fire power A very useful power-up.

  • Frog Suit - This power-up will turn your character into a frog! If you have it while you are on land, you will hop around, but it is best to use when underwater.

  • Hammer - Used to break rocks in the map screen to access different levels of whatever world you are on.

  • Hammer Mario : This will turn Mario or Luigi into a hammer brother! He can throw hammers, and block fireballs, and do anything that an actual hammer brother can do!

  • Jugem's Cloud : This cloud will allow you to bypass any single level However, if you die in the next level you go to, you will be sent back before the level you bypassed, so try not to die I usually save them for the last few levels.

  • Kuribo's Shoe : I have no idea who Kuribo is, but his shoe is a very nice item to have It is only found in world 5-3 It is a very fun item that you will have to steal from a Goomba before you can use it You will jump in it as if it were a sleeping bag, and jump around in it It will protect you from items that you would normally get hurt by if stepped on (such as spikes).

  • P-Switch - For a brief time, it will turn coins into bricks, and brick into coins.

  • P-Wing - This is a pretty rare find A P-Wing will give Mario unlimited flight time for one level If Mario beats a level, or gets hit in a level, then the P-Wing will go away.

  • Question Mark Ball : You know that ball with the question mark on it that you get when you defeat boom-boom (the fortress boss)? That thing is the Question Mark Ball Touching it will end the fortress level.

  • Question Mark Block : Can contain a number of things Such as coins, or mushrooms, or raccoon leafs, or many other things.

  • Raccoon Leaf : This will give Mario the ability to fly for a few seconds at a time, and it will also give Mario a tail that can be used to whip enemies. In addition, you can slowly glide through the air by tapping B while you are in the air.

  • Starman - This will give Mario invincibility for a brief period of time What's invincibility you ask? It will give the ability to harm another enemy by simply touching them.

  • Super Mushroom : This will turn Mario from tiny Mario to Super Mario This will also make it so that enemies have to hit you two times before you die instead on just once.

  • Tanooki Suit : This power-up will turn Mario into a statue It will give Mario the every ability that Raccoon Mario has, plus the ability to turn into a statue When Mario is in a statue, enemies will bypass him You can only use your statue for 5 seconds at a time, but for as many times as you would like.

  • Warp Whistle : One toot from this whistle will send you to a far away land Actually, there are only three in the game, and they will allow you to skip several worlds, which will allow you to beat the game in a short amount of time.

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