Items (SM64DS)

The following are the items that can be found in the game.

[edit] Items

Power Star

The whole game revolves around these. There are 150 Power Stars, and the goal is to retrieve them all. Only 90 are required to defeat the final boss, but a full completion requires all 150.

Silver Star

Some challenges involve collecting 5 silver stars in order to make a Power Star appear. Some silver stars bounce around too, making it harder to grab.

Character Cap

Character caps allow a player to transform their current character into Mario, Luigi or Wario (depending on the cap collected). The effect lasts until they either leave the stage or get hit. If hit players have so long to retrieve the cap before it vanishes.

Door Key

A key used to open a locked door in the castle. Usually earned by defeating Bowser, but keys earned through other means do exist too.

Character Key

A key used to open a character change door, allowing the player to switch to another character. Must be earned from the relevant mini-stage boss.

Mini-game Key

A key that gives access to a new mini-game. There are 28 keys total (7 for each character). These keys are earned by catching a rabbit around the castle.

Yellow Block

These blocks are dotted all over the game, and contain a variety of items. Cons, 1-UP mushrooms, feathers and even Power Stars are among the treasures held by these items.

Power Flower

Red blocks contain these flowers (once the special Red switch has been activated). The flower gives a special ability for a limited time depending on the character. Yoshi can breath fire, Mario turns into a balloon and can float around, Luigi turns invisble and can pass through many obstacles and Wario turns into living metal.


Certain red blocks will release a feather instead of a flower for Mario. Instead of transforming into a balloon Mario will gain the use of the wing cap for a short time. This offers better flight options, allowing Mario to reach areas otherwise out of reach. In versus mode feathers come out of yellow blocks and can be used by all.


Coins restore health and 100 coins earns a Power Star in one of the 15 main worlds. Coins come in yellow (worth one), red (worth two) and blue (worth five). Upon gaining a Star in a level, every 50 coins collected earns an extra life.

Blue Coin Block

A block that makes blue coins appear for a limited time when it is hit by a ground pound.

Koopa Shell

Characters can ride these, knocking out enemies and riding over certain dangerous surfaces like lava. The shell vanishes if the player hits into a wall or crouches. If collected underwater it acts as an autoswim for so long before vanishing.

1-up Mushroom

Simple, this item adds 1 to your life count when collected.

Mega Mushroom

A mushroom that increases the size of your character for a limited time. While large you can smash your way through many objects, including previous indestructible objects.

Star Switch

A special switch in a stage. When activated a star will appear within a transparent container. The star will disappear after a short while and the switch will reset.


Not an item to pick up, cannons can be used to shoot your character to otherwise unreachable areas. However, you must first speak with the pink Bob-Omb somewhere in the level to make use of the cannons in that level. The cannon outside the castle opens when you have all 150 Power Stars.

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