Items (NSMB)


[edit] Coins

Collect a 100 coins to earn a extra life.

[edit] Star

Makes Mario invincible for a certain amount of time.

[edit] Fire Flower

Ability: Shoot Fireballs
Description: Turns Mario into Fire Mario.

[edit] Mini Mushroom

Turns Mario into Tiny Mario.

[edit] Mega Mushroom

Ability: Crush everything in your way
Description: Turns Mario into Mega Mario

[edit] 1-up

Gives Mario a extra life.

[edit] Star Coin

By collecting these you can buy new paths.

[edit] Red Ring N Coins

Jump through the 8 red rings to recieve a item.

[edit] Switch

P block turn bricks to coins and vice versa.
! turns outlined bricks solid.
? have different effects.

[edit] Spin Blocks

To do a spin jump stand on these. Hold down to do a drill jump.

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