Items (MarioPL)

Item Name: Pipe
Description: Each time you enter a room you will have a pipe in between each flipper. After a while it will start moving or disappear, to get it back pay 10 yellow coins or one blue coin.

Item Name: Pipe x2
Description: This acts like a pipe but you can use it twice

Item Name: Super Mushroom
Description: Use this item to double the size of Mario (or any Yoshi egg you are juggling) for a period of time. When he is like this he has less chance of falling of the table, this costs 10 yellow coins.

Item Name: Super Mushroom x2
Description: Like the super mushroom but you can use it twice

Item Name: Mini Mushroom
Description: You can use this to go through holes you couldn't get through before, but you have a greater chance of falling off, this costs 10 yellow coins.

Item Name: Star
Description: You will be invincible for a while, when you are invincible you can destroy anything by going hitting in to it. It costs 30 yellow coins.

Item Name: Thunderbolt
Description: It destroys all enemies on screen, however some are not effected. This costs 30 coins.

Item Name: Yoshi Egg
Description: This acts as Mario, except when you fall down a hole you will not lose a life, it costs 20 yellow coins.

Item Name: Yoshi Egg x2
Description: Like the Yoshi egg but you can use it twice.

Item Name: Red Yoshi Egg
Description: The red switch will be replaced by a ? after you collect all the red coins on the course. Hit this for the red Yoshi egg. If you active the egg you will get the combine power of Super Mushroom, Star and a Yoshi Egg.

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