Il Piantissimo

[edit] Background

Little is known about Il Piantissimo. All that is known is that he is not a Pianta, even though he is dressed like one. He is not very well liked as he feels he is vastly superior to those around him. He has only directly appeared in one game, Super Mario Sunshine.

[edit] Races

Il Piantissimo must be raced much the same way as Koopa the Quick in Super Mario 64. The point of his races are simply for Mario to beat him to the flag. if Mario is to beat him to the flag, he is awarded a Shine Sprite. If he is to lose, however, he will lose a life. Il Piantissimo appears in three different levels in Super Mario Sunshine. The first is in Gelato Beach, followed by Noki Bay, and finally Pianta Village.

[edit] Ending Sequence

At the end of Super Mario Sunshine, the Magic Paintbrush once obtained by Bowser Jr. flies into the air. If the game is beaten with 119 Shine Sprites or less, the Paintbrush will be picked up and kept by Il Piantissimo.

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