Hotel Goomba

Hotel Goomba

Daisy, Waluigi, Wario and Mario playing Hotel Goomba.

Game Mini-Game is in Mario Party 5
Objective Reach the balcony on the third floor first to win.
Mini-Game type 4-Player
Time Limit None
Mini-Game Decathlon Event? No

'Hotel Goomba is a 4-Player mini-game from Mario Party 5.

[edit] Rules and Objective

In this mini-game, players compete in a race to the balcony on the third floor. Along the way, players will need to punch Goombas out of their path to the doors. Each floor will get progressively more difficult to clear as more and more Goombas are present. The first player to find their way to the balcony on the third floor first will be declared the winner. Upon reaching the balcony, the winning character will admire the sunset for a couple of seconds before doing their usual victory dance.

[edit] Advice

The third floor has a minimum of five Goombas and can have as many as ten. This will obviously lead to mistakes so don't give up even if you're lagging behind a little bit as the probability of everyone making a mistake on the third floor is very high. If you do mess up, don't panic and simply press the Y button to reset the current room and try another route. Your patience will almost undoubtedly be tested on the final floor, so be sure to keep your cool and slow yourself down if you have to.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick = Move
  • B Button = Punch
  • Y Button = Reset current room
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