Horror Land

Horror Land
Horror Land.gif

The logo used for the Horror Land board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level Hard
Star Space type Standard
 ? Space Effect Instantly changes the time of day. Turns to night if it is day or turns to day if it is night.
Availability Available from the start.

Horror Land is one of the board maps in Mario Party 2. The characters dress up as wizards, and, as such, have "wizard" in their names for this board. Horror Land is set in haunted forest and the board itself has many twists and turns. Although Mario Party 6 was more centered around the day/night effect, this is actually the first board in the Mario Party Series to have any sort of day/night effect. There are Whomps scattered about the board and you have to pay 5 coins to go through the path they are blocking. This is similar to their role in DK's Jungle Adventure from Mario Party. At night however, they are frozen by a mysterious spell which immobilizes them until it becomes daytime again. While the time of day will change every 2 turns, there are various other ways to change the time of day. Landing on a ? Space will instantly change day to night and vice versa. During the daytime, if a player passes by the "Mystery Mansion" located at the top of the board, then Kamek will drop by and ask if the player wants to light the "Darkness Lamp" for 10 coins. As its name implies, the Darkness Lamp makes things dark which brings in nighttime immediately. At nighttime, if a player passes by a dancing floor that features some Boos and Mr.Is, they will ask the player to dance with them for 20 coins. If the player chooses to dance with them, it will change night to day. Other notable areas on the board include the Big Boo house. Passing by Big Boo's House is only useful at night where a much larger Boo than normal will show up to steal coins or Stars from ALL other players. Since you're stealing from three people instead of just the normal one, it will cost you three times the amount of coins than usual. Lastly, there is a Mr.I who is at a "warp spot". He will ask the player if they want to see his magic at the cost of 10 coins(5 coins at night) If the player accepts, then Mr.I will send the player to the other warp spot while carrying any other player in the path along with it. This board's Item Mini-Game is Coffin Congestion and the Duel Mini-Game is Mushroom Brew.

Before Toad is able to announce who the Super Star is, a red Koopa Troopa frantically comes to alert the players that the board's villain, Wizard Bowser is causing troubles in a nearby forest. A cutscene ensues where a green Koopa Troopa is seen wandering in a forest. A Boo comes up and scares him, but leaves just as quickly as it comes. Soon, a dark figure comes up to ask if the Koopa is ok. However, it's Wizard Bowser and he proceeds to turn the helpless Koopa into a frog. At that moment, the game's winner comes to the rescue and turns Koopa back into himself. This leads to a power struggle between Bowser and the player. After a short time, Bowser ends up losing and is transformed into a frog himself. The player is then congratulated for defeating Bowser and becoming the Super Star of Horror Land by Toad, Koopa, and the other players.

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