Honeybee Hive

Honey Queen on Honeybee Hive.

The Honeybee Hive(or Honey Bee House in Japan) is one of the battle courses in Mario Kart 7. This track would be the track of the Honey Queen as it takes place inside of a beehive with honeycomb walls filled with honey and paths that can the racers can go through. It has a few open ceilings that let the sunlight fall in, while others are closed. Honey will drop from the ceiling to make the honey puddles on the floor to slow the players down. Flowerbeds and bushes can be found around the course with Item Boxes scattered around. In the middle of the hive, there will be a pipe that shoots the player to the air outside of the hive and onto a different part. It would also be littered with the Stingbies enemies.

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