Hints (PMTTYD)

Some hints that are worth looking through to help you out during the game.

Check your E-mail!
You will receive e-mail from people you meet on your quest. Your Mailbox SP is located in the important things section of your Gear menu.
- When you receive a e-mail, a exclamation point will appear.
- When e-mail text continues off-screen , use the control stick to scroll down.

Find those Star Pieces:
You must have seen a few Star Pieces lying around, right? Well, there's a certain fellow who loves to collect those, and if you give him a few, you might get something useful... Star pieces are scattered all over the world.

Try some of Zess T,'s home cooking!
After you've been on your adventure for a while, you'll be able to get Zess T. to cook for you. When she cooks up an item, it can change into a totally different item with a different effect. You'll have to complete a certain event to get her to cook for you.

Try helping people out through the Trouble Center!
People who need help often post a request at the Trouble Center. If you help them out, they'll reward you with coins and more! But if you cancel a help request, you'll be charged a few coins.
- Stand in front of the Trouble Board and press A to accept a request.

Look for hidden item Blocks:
Jumping in certain areas may reveal a hidden Item Block. You may get rare items from these , or simply create an important stepping stone to another area!

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