Species Ghost
Allies King Boo
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Hider is a new ghost enemy that is first introduced in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is a ghost that will hide in objects and feel to another object in the room if it is discovered. They normally will appear in groups of two and usually with other ghosts. They only have 15 HP but are very fast as well.

[edit] Abilities

Hiders will try to throw objects at Luigi while hiding inside of objects like pots or furniture, and if they hit Luigi, then they will do 10 HP of damage to him. Occasionally they will throw banana peels to try and make Luigi slip and fall. Luigi will have to catch them quickly as they move pretty fast.

[edit] Ghost Container Description

These clever fellows love playing hide-and-seek. A bit impatient though, so if you take too long to find them, they'll start throwing things at you! Stay on your toes!

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