Sir. Grodus
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Sir. Grodus at his X-Naut Fortress .

[edit] Description

Sir. Grodus is the main antagonist in the Paper Mario title for the Nintendo Gamecube, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This is the only game Grodus has appeared in. Sir. Grodus is the leader of the X-Nauts and lives at his moon base called the X-Naut Fortress. From here Sir. Grodus starts his sinister plan of claiming all of the Crystal Stars so he can open up the legendary Thousand-Year Door. By doing this Grodus hopes to release the evil Shadow Queen and control her so he can take over the world. From the the X-Naut Fortress Grodus gives orders to his top minion Lord Crump. Lord Crump is second in command to Grodus and is the in action leader of the X-Naut forces. Leading Grodus's forces, Lord Crump is expected to claim the Crystal Stars for Sir. Grodus. Once Sir. Grodus learns that a strange character named Mario is searching for the Crystal Stars as well he orders Lord Crump to get ride of him. It is not known if Grodus is human or something else. It is noted that his head consists of a circuit board which suggests that he is a robot of some sort. This is unconfirmed.

[edit] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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