Goomba's Greedy Gala

Goomba's Greedy Gala

Overview of Goomba's Greedy Gala board map

Game board is in Mario Party 4
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Ride a poker chip on a craps table from one side to the other while grabbing coins along the way.
Availability Available from the start.

Goomba's Greedy Gala is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 4. As the name implies, the map was designed by Goomba. Goomba loves to gamble so he built a casino map for the players to test their luck on. It features a roulette wheel, card game, slot game, and a craps table.
The roulette wheel is the first thing players will come across. It is located a little bit after the item shop just past start. There, Goomba will spin a roulette wheel and wherever the ball lands is the direction you will go. You can "slip" Goomba some coins and depending on the amount, you may get closer to the Star. The more you pay him, the better your chances of getting close to the star. If the ball lands on a star on the roulette wheel, Goomba will award you 20 coins and let you pick whichever direction you want to go.
The other major attraction here is the dice game. At some point, you will face Goomba in a dice game if you go the red, blue, or purple path. In it, you will need to roll a higher number than Goomba(similar to the style of getting Stars at Eternal Star in Mario Party) If you roll a higher number than him, Goomba rewards you with 10 coins. If you roll a lower number than him, you will be sent back to start.
The Happening Spaces are near the top of the board just under a craps table. If you land on one, you will hop on a poker chip to go to the other side. Goomba will slam into you and you will need to steer well to get the coins lying about on the table. You keep however many coins you get.
There are 2 Mini-games that can be played if you pass them when under the effects of a Mini Mushroom. One is a card game of sorts. There will be 3 Goombas that contain an item. Then, they will shuffle around for a bit. Once they stop, you will be asked to pick one. Whatever item that Goomba holds will be rewarded to you. The other is a slot machine. If you can line up 3 like coin amounts, you'll be rewarded with that amount of coins. Failure to line up 3 like coin amounts will result in you getting nothing.
In Story Mode, after winning a standard 15-turn Battle Royal Match, the player will be required to defeat Goomba in a special Mini-Game called Goomba's Chip Flip in order to win his/her present from Goomba.

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