Species Ghost
Allies King Boo
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Gobber is a new ghost enemy that is first introduced in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They are a large ghost who has an insatiable appetite and aren't afraid to devour everything in front of them. They are slow and large enemies that are easy targets when alone. They have 50HP.


[edit] Abilities

Gobbers will be able to throw paranormal goo on the ground or at Luigi. These goo puddles will hurt Luigi when he comes into contact with them.

[edit] Ghost Container Description

Their appetite is...ah...formidable. With stomachs that lack physical boundaries, they won't hesitate to devour everything around them! Be wary of the puddles of...goo.

[edit] Forms

[edit] Campaign

[edit] ScareScraper

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