Species Star being
Role Sidekick, playable character
Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

[edit] Background

A traveler from another world sent by a higher power, whose real name is ♥♪!?. He comes to Mario's world from Star Road to find the seven Star Pieces. He uses the form of Gaz's doll, Geno, by bringing it to life. Since his real name is hard to pronounce, he asks Mario and Mallow to call him "Geno", after the doll.

You first encounter Geno during your battle with Bowyer. After defeating Bowyer, with the help of Geno, Geno explains to Mario and Mallow about his mission to find the Star Pieces and repair Star Road. Geno decides to travel with them to accomplish his mission. After destroying Smithy and collecting all seven Star Pieces, Geno's true life form leaves the doll's body, rendering the doll lifeless. He then bids farewell to Mario and the crew, and goes off to repair Star Road.

[edit] Game Appearances

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