General Guy

General Guy
Species Shy Guy
Role Enemy
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a Sticker)


[edit] Background

General Guy is the leader of the Shy Guys, he is also the mastermind behind the numerous robberies in Toad Toad during the even in Chapter 4. He operations a Shy Guy's Toy Box, which is what he uses mainly. General Guy rules over all the Shy Guys loyal to Bowser, although some Shy Guys would rather answer to Bowser.

[edit] Paper Mario

General Guy and the Shy Guy Army were ordered to guard the fourth star spirit, Muskular by Bowser. The General Guy and his troops are very disorganized, so Mario just lets his partners infiltrate his base and defeat a lot of soldiers with ease. Later on in the day, Mario somehow manages to corner a fairly large group of Shy Guys. But the Shy Guys manage to escape by breaking through a wall, and on the other side they are reunited with General Guy. After General Guy introduces himself to Mario and the gang, he prepares himself to battle Mario for the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular. Even though General Guy as a large number of soldiers and has really powerful Toy Tank Mario and his companions end up beating him anyways. So General Guy begins to flee with the rest of his army while screaming in fear. General Guy and several Groove Guys appear at the end of the game on a float dancing.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

General Guy appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sticker that raises Launch Power by 31 points.

[edit] Statistics

General Guy
Max HP 30 (Light bulb has 8 HP)
Attack 4 (Light bulb's Attack is 5)
Defense 2 (Light bulb's Defense is 1)
Location(s) Shy Guy's Toy Box
Move(s) Bomb Throw (4)

Lightning Blast (5 to Mario; 2 to partner)

[edit] Other Information

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