Gelato Beach

Gelato Beach

As the name implies, Gelato Beach is a beach. It is the third level in Super Mario Sunshine, not counting Delfino Plaza or Delfino Airstrip. Just off the beach is an island with a large swing, a coral reef, and a juice bar. On the beach there are lots of cataquacks, as well as a few landed boats. Further up the beach, there's a small hut, as well as plenty of trees, and a small treehouse. Even further up the beach there are three reflecting tables and a large pillar with the Sun Egg inside, and the Wiggler on top, which remain until their respective episodes are won. At the very back of the beach is a cliff which you can walk atop, with an amphitheater and tightropes. Like all other levels in the game, Gelato Beach has 30 blue coins, eight episodes, and eleven Shine Sprites.

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Bosses

In the third episode, Mario has to fight Wiggler, who's extremely angry about something. In episode five, Mario has to race Il Piantissimo down the beach up to the amphitheater to get his Shine Sprite. As with every other level in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario has to fight Shadow Mario in the seventh episode.

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