Game Guy's Magic Boxes

Game Guy's Magic Boxes
Game Guy's Magic Boxes.jpg
Game Guy's Magic Boxes as shown in Mario Party 3.

Game Guy's Magic Boxes is one of four Game Guy's luck-based Minigames that appears in Mario Party 3. There are two chests that are hidden behind curtains for a brief moment and you have to choose a chest that contains a Toad. If you choose a Toad, your coins will be doubled. Although, if Baby Bowser is chosen you will lose the minigame, as well as all of your coins. After you obtain Toad, you have the option to repeat the process two more times and continue doubling up your coins. Therefore, the most you can win is eight times the amount of coins you started with.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Choose Magic Box
  • A - Select Magic Box

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