Game Guy's Lucky 7

Game Guy's Lucky 7
Game Guy's Lucky 7 as shown in Mario Party 3.

Game Guy's Lucky 7 is one of four Game Guy's luck-based Minigames that appears in Mario Party 3. There are 7 steps and the player and Shy Guy must jump on the amount of steps that correspond to the amount they roll on the Dice Block. The player has the option of rolling one or two dice blocks to try to end up on a step higher than Game Guy. If the player ends up on a lower step than Game Guy, or go past 7 steps, he/she will lose the minigame, as well as all of his/her coins. If you end up on a higher step than Game Guy, you will win the minigame and your coins are doubled. If you land exactly on the seventh step, you will earn 10 times the amount of coins that you have.

[edit] Controls

  • A - Hit Dice Block
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