Game Features

Mushroom.jpg Play against up to 11 other players, download and share ghost data and race friends via Nintendo WiFi Connection. Plus, you can take part in events organized by Nintendo in the Mario Kart Channel and compete with the world!

Mushroom.jpg Perform special tricks to score some serious speed boost with the new bikes and supped-up karts. Mario Kart Wii gives you more options than ever.

Mushroom.jpg Race as your Mii! Grab the Wii Wheel and race through the new and retro tracks as your favorite Mii. Items like you are in the game like never before!

Mushroom.jpg Now with over 30 tracks, 16 of which are brand new to Mario Kart Wii.

Mushroom.jpg As-well as new tracks, the game also contains three new items.

Mushroom.jpg Use up to 5 different racing techniques. Wii Wheel, Wii Remote & Nunchuck, Wii Remote, Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller.

Mushroom.jpg Play well to get star ranking to make your ranking higher. Star rankings will show online if you get the same rank or higher on every cup.

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