Game & Wario

Game & Wario
GameWario Japan.png

The Japanese Box Art.

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s) North America: 2013
Japan: March 28, 2013
Genre Party

Game & Wario is a new Warioware game that be released on March 28th, 2013 in Japan.

It can support 1-5 players and include micro-games that include:

  • Air - Can turn the GamePad into a bow and arrow.
  • Ski - Can control the skier with tilting the GamePad left and right.
  • Shutter - Uses the GamePad as a camera to take photos of criminals that are hidden in a town.
  • Fruit - Can control the characters on screen and steal fruit. Then pass the GamePad to another player and have them try to figure out who took the fruit.

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