GCN Peach Beach

Peach Beach is a Mario Kart racetrack found in both Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii. The level is situated on Delfino Isle, from Super Mario Sunshine. It begins in a town setting, where you speed off down a slope and then turn right into a large beach setting. You then have the choice of going right, around the circular shoreline with the tide moving in and out, or to the left, over a speed jump and over a small shallow area. You then pass under a rock formation, before making a u-turn to return up to the town setting. The fountain off to the side of the starting position can be explored if you have a generous lead. By taking the long way around the fountain, a double item is available.

[edit] Alternate Routes

Immediately at the first turn, if you go the opposite way, you can enter a Warp Pipe, which will launch you into the air and through a double item. This route actually slows you down, however if used strategically, it can aid you. For example, taking this route for your first lap will set you back some time, pushing you to the back of the pack. The two items you receive are more likely to be very helpful, and thusly you can power yourself into first place.

[edit] Creatures and Hazards

The Cataquacks from Super Mario Sunshine can be seen in the cove and after the rock formation. Should you run into these pests, you will be sent flying upwards as if you were hit by a Spiny Shell or Bob-Omb, and will lose any item(s) you have. Your player in the back will also be left dragging behind your kart.

[edit] Points of Interest and Trivia

Off in the distance, a cruise ship can be seen. This is an obvious reference to Peach's counterpart, Daisy, and her course on Double Dash, Daisy Cruiser. Peach Beach is also the setting for the Award Ceremony shown after completion of any Grand Prix. The characters seen dancing and cheering the racers on are the Piantas, also from Super Mario Sunshine.

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