Future Dream

Future Dream

Overview of Future Dream board map

Game board is in Mario Party 5
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Available at the start

Future Dream is one of the 7 playable board maps in Mario Party 5. This board was created from dreams of the future. It is possible that it is all an optical illusion, but it's more likely that it's a space station, likely in outer space. It's divided into 3 platforms and you must use teleportation devices, rocket ships, and shortcuts in order to go from platform to platform. The Happening Spaces on the central platform are next to 3 rocket ships. Players could choose one of the three to go off to a different platform. A rocket ship game is featured on the left platform. When landing on a Happening Space there, players must control the levitation of his/her ships in order to collect coins from the UFOs. Happening Spaces on a robot's arms on the right platform will trigger a slot machine. If successful, the player will be able to get a special capsule. A Mushroom capsule is the consolation prize. The smaller platforms can be used as a slight shortcut.

[edit] Story Mode

In Story Mode, Bowser and Koopa Kid came here to replace Future Dream with their own evil dreams. The player(playing as a playable character from Mario Party 4) came to stop them. Bowser had Koopa Kid split in 3(Red, Blue, and Green) to try and overwhelm the player. Upon defeating the 3 Koopa Kids, Bowser and the original Koopa Kid would flee to try and ruin another dream. The battle took place on a much smaller version of Future Dream, using just the central platform.

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