Flame Flyer



[edit] About

The Flame Flyer is a default heavy weight kart with high speed and weight, above average drift and mini-turbo, and very low acceleration, handling, and off-road. The kart is only usable by heavy weight class characters which includes; Bowser, Donkey-Kong, Funky-Kong, Rosalina, King Boo, Wario, Waluigi, and Dry Bowser. The kart is resembles a large car with a flames streaked across the sides and top.

[edit] Character Combo

[edit] Wario

Wario gives little extra effect to the vehicle since his mini-turbo bonus doesn't effect the already high mini-turbo of the flame flyer. His +1 weight and off-road bonus adds little effect to these already high stats as well.

[edit] Waluigi

Waluigi's +2 acceleration is great since the kart has very low acceleration, but Waluigi's +2 drift and +1 off-road, give little effect to the karts already high stats.

[edit] Bowser

Bowser overall does not do much good to the kart with his low +1 speed, +2 weight, and +1 drift, since the kart already is good enough in those areas.

[edit] DK

Donkey Kong gives +1 in weight, acceleration, handling, and mini-turbo. These four small +1 bonuses don't do much to the skills; low and high.

[edit] King Boo

King Boo's +2 handling is great for using manual, since the kart has low handling, but on automatic its no big deal. His +1 off-road can come in a bit of handy, but not really much.

[edit] Rosalina

Rosalina gets +1 in speed, handling, and mini-turbo. The kart lacks handling, so it may be a bit useful, but the already high speed and mini-turbo wont take the +1 into much effect.

[edit] Dry Bowser

Dry Bowsers +2 Off-Road and Mini-Turbo can actually come into great effect since the Kart does have high skill in both those areas, the +2 might actually show a bit of a difference.

[edit] Funky Kong

Funky Kong's +2 speed is helpful anywhere and because of this, his match-up with this kart will put the Flame Flyer at incredible speed, but the off-road +1 wont be much help.

[edit] Mii

The Mii's bonus to speed, acceleration, handling, and drift is +1. Although it may not seem like it, the great amount of small bonuses may help out a small bit when racing.

[edit] Time Trial

The Flame Flyer is useful on time trials because of its good drift and quick ability to grab blue/orange boosts. Try to mainly use on stages with a lot of turns that give you many drifting opportunities. Remember it cant wheelie so it may not come in as much use in stages with a lot of straightaways.

[edit] Useful Time Trial Chaarcter Combo's

Funky Kong makes a great combo with the Flame Flyer because of his +2 speed bonus. Dry Bowser can use the +2 off-road and +2 Mini-Turbo to grab blue/orange boosts more efficiently, and also drive off-road for a bit too for 1-2 second shortcuts. If using Manual, King Boo's +2 handling is great for making turns you don't want to drift on.

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