Fireball Orb

Fireball Orb

Fireball Orb as it appears in Mario Party 7.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 7- Character Orb that only Mario and Luigi are able to use. It surrounds the player in fireballs for three turns, including the turn it's used on, allowing the player to take 10 coins from anyone in their path. Self Orbs like the Sluggish 'Shroom Orb can't be used by the player while this Orb is in effect.
Coin Cost 15 coins(Mario Party 7)
Rarity Uncommon

The Fireball Orb is one of the six special Character Orbs that are available in Mario Party 7. The Fireball Orb costs 15 coins to buy from an Orb Shop and only Mario and Luigi are able to use this Orb. When Mario or Luigi uses this Orb, they become surrounded by Fireballs for the next three turns, including the turn they activate the Orb. During this time, Mario or Luigi can steal 10 coins from anyone in their path by hurling a Fireball the victim's way. However, by using this Orb, Mario and Luigi are unable to use any Self Orbs such as the Metal Mushroom Orb until the effects of the Fireball Orb wear off. Also, they are still affected by any Roadblock and Single Space Orbs they come across. If you are unsure of whether or not the effects of this Orb have already ended, you can check the small, dark circle area where it shows if any Self Orbs have been used, and in its place will be a Fireball symbol and the number of turns left until the effects wear off.

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