Fire Bro.

Fire Bro.
Species Koopa
Ally Bowser, Koopa Troop
Debut Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Fire Bro. is a member of the Hammer Bros. who shoots fire balls at Mario when he is encountered. He has a red helmet, shell, and shoes except for his first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3 where he has a black helmet and shell. In Super Mario Bros. 3 he would shoot fire balls from his mouth, however in later games he appears to shoot them from his hand. Kind of like how Fire Mario shoots fire balls.


[edit] Super Mario Bros. 3

The Fire Bros. first appearance was in Super Mario Bros. 3. He shoots fire balls from his mouth at Mario which he must avoid. He can be defeated by jumping on him or using items or power ups.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.

Two Fire Bros. appear in only one level in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. His role is pretty much the same, and he can be defeated by jumping on him or using an item or power up. If he is standing on blocks you can also hit him from underneath.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

He also appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii where his roles and actions are identical to the last two games. Unlike New Super Mario Bros. before it, he appears more often in this game. He can be defeated by jumping him, or by using items and power ups.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Fire Bros. will make their latest appearance in New Super Mario Bros. 2 where their roles are the same as the previous New Super Mario Bros. games. In this game they are quite uncommon only appearing in a few levels.

[edit] Mario Baseball Series

Fire appeared as a playable character for the first time in the Mario Baseball Series which included two games.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

In Mario Superstar Baseball Fire Bro. makes his debut playable performance as a color variation of Hammer Bro.. He is a power player and can hit home runs with ease.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

Again he appears as a playable character in the second baseball game, Mario Super Sluggers. However in this game he is not just a color variation of Hammer Bro. but can be selected as a separate character. Meaning all three of the bros. being Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros., and Fire Bro. could play on the same team together. This was not the case in the previous game except during story mode. again in this game he is a power batter and can field rather well.

[edit] Mario Party 9

The Fire Bro. would appear in Mario Party 9 as the co-host of the Battle mini-games. When players land on the Battle Space and the Fire Bro. or Hammer Bro. will show up though the Fire Bro. will occasionally appear. If he does show up, it will be a Free-for-All mini-game, of either the captain or last place player.

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