Faire Square

Faire Square

Overview of Faire Square board map during the day.

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Fixed
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Faire Square is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 6. It is a lit town with countless wacky buildings cluttered about. It has the shape of a squared-circle around the exterior. There are just 4 Green Spaces on the entire board. The one on the left side will cause a broom to come out and carry the player to another space on the board at random. The 2 in the top-right corner of the board would mysteriously send the player back to Start. The one at the top of the board would trigger a game of chance involving all players. During the day, each player would put 10 coins into the pot and take turns choosing a chimney. After each player chose, plants would suddenly sprout out. The one that ends up blooming would contain the coins. At night, the game is much riskier as each player with a Star puts one into the pot. Because of this, this game can instantly swing the momentum of the game at any given point.
There are 2 other places that can grant players coins/stars. The first is a slot machine game. You will be given the option to play the slot game after paying the fee. If you can line up the same picture 3 times in a row, you get the coins that object represents. You have to pay more at night, but the prizes are worth more as well. On the other side is a game called Star Shuffle. To play, you have to give up a Star and watch the hats as they shuffle and move around. During the day, there are only 3 hats while there are 6 at night. You'll get 2 Stars for guessing right during the day while you get 3 at night. If you guess wrong, the Star is lost.
The Star Space is located in the center of the board. During the day, Stars will cost 20 coins each. During the night, they will cost anywhere from 5-40 coins depending on the number that ends up on the Dice Block Twila hits every time it turns back to night. You can buy up to 5 Stars at a time if they you have enough coins to do so.
The name of the board is based on the common phrase "fair and square".

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