Enemies (SMB3)

These are the enemies that you will face.

• Angry Sun . . . . . . : Don't ask me why, but for some reason, this sun

                              will suddenly become angry at you half way
through the level. For the other half, he is
fine. When he becomes angry at you, he will
get a mean face, and swoop down at you. Luckily,
he only appears twice in the game. YES, he can
be killed by throwing a shell at him.

    • Baby Cheep-Cheep. . . : They are much smaller than an ordinary cheep-
cheep, which makes them more agile, and harder
to hit with fire power. Big Bertha will release
them from her mouth. The only way to kill them
is with fire power.

    • Big Bertha. . . . . . : This female fish has the same resemblance as a
boss bass, but will not try to eat you. Instead,
it has a baby cheep-cheep that she will release
from her mouth that can harm you. Then, the
baby cheep-cheep will return to big bertha's
mouth, and then the process will repeat. I don't
believe that she can be killed.

    • Blooper w/ Kids . . . : This is like the parent blooper. It's the squid
enemy that is only found in underwater levels.
It will have four little tiny bloopers on its
trail, however, sometimes the tiny bloopers
leave their parent blooper, which will result
in a more widespread attack.

    • Bob-omb . . . . . . . : Originally introduced to the Mario series in
Super Mario 2, they have a little switch behind
them like a wind up toy would have. But, don't
hang around them for too long, because when the
wind expires, they will blow up killing every
thing (including other bob-ombs) around it. If
you jump on his head, he will stop and you can
pick him up, but don't hold him for too long,
because they can still blow up.

    • "Boo" Diddly. . . . . : This ghost enemy is too shy to actually look
anybody in the eye. However, when you turn
around, he will make a valiant attempt to
make your adventure a not so fun one, if you
know what I mean. He is only found in fortress
levels, and cannot be killed.

    • Boom Boom . . . . . . : This is the dreadful, fearful, malicious boss
of the fortress levels. He is the last obstacle
of a fortress, and he must be defeated to
bypass a fortress. To kill him, you will need
to jump on his head three times. After you jump
on his head once, he will get very mad, and
start jumping like a crazy person. Then, after
his second stomp, he will start jumping even
more wild than before, and he will sometimes
start flying! After his third stomp, he will
finally perish, and leave a question marked
ball. Usually, I don't let him jump anywhere;
for the second and third time I jump on him,
I jump on him just after he becomes mobile
again, before he even has a chance to actually
do anything. It's hard to explain.

    • Boomerang Brothers. . : It's basically a boomerang version of a hammer
brother. Instead of throwing hammers, they will
throw boomerangs. Watch out for the boomerangs,
because they will come back during mid-throw,
for a second chance to harm you. They can be
killed by either a whip of the tail, a blast of
fire, or a bop on the head.

    • Boss Bass . . . . . . : This guy can be quite troublesome. It's found
mostly in world 3 only, and is only found in
water levels. It will take a big gulp and try
to swallow you whole! If he gets you, it will
result in immediate death! For once, humans
aren't on the top of the food chain!

    • Buster Beetle . . . . : These guys are the least abundant of the buzzy
beetles. In fact, they are rarely found at all.
They will pick up bricks and throw them at you
which is extremely dangerous for you. Unlike
all the other buzzy beetles, these guys are
not fireproof.

    • Buzzy Beetle. . . . . : Holy crap! He's back from the original super
Mario brothers, and this time he can walk on
the ceiling. That's right, the ceiling. Then,
when you least suspect it, he will jump down
and roll toward you. Hmmm...they can't be killed
by firepower. Extremely tough, they are.

    • Chain Chomp . . . . . : Although they are found tied to a block with a
chain, they can be quite an annoyance. They act
kind of like mad canine beasts that are always
tied to a tree, and never get any attention,
and they bark too. They only way to kill them
is with star power.

    • Cheep-Cheep . . . . . : This fish enemy was taken almost directly from
super Mario brothers 1. It is the fish enemy
that swims in the water. There are two
different versions of the cheep-cheep. The first
version is green, and it is mainly found taking
a jolly swim through the water. The second and
final version is red, and usually jumps out of
the water. The red one can be stomped on, but
fire power, or star power is a better way to
eliminate them.

    • Dry Bones . . . . . . : This skeleton version of a koopa troopa is only
found in fortress levels. When you jump on it,
it will crumble into a pile of bones, but that
effect is only temporary; he will restore after
about 8 seconds. The only possible way that you
can permanently kill him, is with the help of
invincibility (star power), or as hammer mario.

    • Fire Brothers . . . . : These guys are basically a fire version of the
hammer brothers; instead of throwing hammers at
you, they will shoot fire. They aren't nearly as
common as the hammer brothers or a boomerang
brother, but they are still mighty dangerous.

    • Fire Chomp. . . . . . : This fire version of a chain chomp is much, much
more malicious than an ordinary chain chomp. Its
chain is made of fire, and it will shoot fire
out of his mouth at the worst possible time.
It will explode at a last attempt to kill you.

    • Firesnake . . . . . . : This chain of fireballs, which makes it's debut
in world 2-1, can pass through many walls in an
attempt to harm you. It can be killed by wagging
your tail at the front of the firechain.

    • Giant Koopa Troopa. . : like an ordinary koopa troopa, there are two
different variations that they can be found in:
red and green. The red variation is slightly
smarter, and will turn around when it sees a
pit. The green version will only turn around
when a solid barrier gets in its way. To kill
them, just bonk them on the head.

    • Giant Goomba. . . . . : This is a giant version of an ordinary little
goomba. They are four times the size of a little
goomba. Luckily, they haven't gotten any
smarter. They don't do anything different than
what a normal goomba would do, and they are
still easy to kill.

    • Giant Koopa Paratroopa: This giant version of a koopa paratroopa is
nearly four times the size of you! They are
basically the same thing as an ordinary koopa
paratroopa, except for their size. They can't
really fly, instead they just bounce. To defeat
one of them, just do what you would on an
ordinary koopa paratroopa.

    • Giant Piranha . . . . : These guys are a humongous version of an
ordinary pirahna plant. They are found only in
world 4. Despite their humongous size, they are
not too much harder to deal with.

    • Hammer Brothers . . . : The classic hammer brothers straight from super
Mario brothers 1. They will throw a massive
amount of hammers at you. They are usually found
in pairs, and rarely found by themselves. You
can kill them by bonking them on the head, but
there are other, smarter ways to defeat them.

    • Hanging Piranha . . . : These guys are a very common variation of an
ordinary piranha plant. They come out of both
horizontal and vertical pipes that are facing
upside down. They wont come out of their pipes
when you are near. Kill them with a whip of the
tail or a blast of firepower.

    • Hot Foot. . . . . . . : Hot foot is basically a flame that is on a
candle. However, the flame will leave its candle
when you approach it, and it will start to chase
you. It's only found in fortress levels
(particularly later in the game) and cannot be

    • Inverted Podoboo. . . : These guys are simply a variation of a normal
podoboo. Instead of coming from lava at the
bottom of the screen, then will drop from the
ceiling, and glide back up. They are more
troublesome than normal podoboos because you
never know where they will be. They are first
found in 5-2nd Fortress, and I think that is
the only place where they are.

    • Jelectro. . . . . . . : This high voltage jellyfish is capable of
sitting still and still getting in your way. It
is often found in tricky patterns which will
force you to swim a certain way to bypass them.
They aren't usually found by them selves, and
they cannot be defeated.

    • Koopa Paratroopa. . . : This creature is basically the same exact thing
as a koopa troopa, except it has wings that will
allow it to fly endlessly. A stomp on the head
will revoke it's wings, and then it will turn
into an ordinary koopa troopa. Like a koopa
troopa, there are two different variations of
them; a red and a green. A red koopa paratroopa
will float up and down in the air in a vertical
motion. A green koopa paratroopa will fly in a
horizontal motion, but sometimes they will be
bouncing along the ground.

    • Koopa Troopa. . . . . : There are two different variations of a koopa
troopa; a red one and a green one. A red koopa
troopa will walk back and forth, but when he
comes to a ledge, it will repace his steps. A
green koopa troopa will simply just walk off
the ledge; the only time that he will turn
around is when he runs into something solid
that blocks his path.

    • Kuribo's Goomba . . . : The goomba that originally occupies Kuribo's
boot in world 5-3. They will hop around in
Kuribo's boot in an attempt to cause havoc to
you. To kill him, pick up a brick and throw
it at him. When he is dead, he will leave
Kuribo's boot behind, and then you will get
the chance to occupy Kuribo's boot, which is
a lot of fun.

    • Lakitu. . . . . . . . : This guy, which made his debut in the original
super Mario brothers game, will occupy the
sky, and throw spiny enemies from his cloud.
He can be killed by a shot of fire, or a bop
from above.

    • Lava Lotus. . . . . . : This artificial flower is found deep in the
sea. It will release several fireballs at a
time, and it will not stop releasing them.
To get past them without getting hurt, you
will have to swim by at precisely the right

    • Little Goomba . . . . : This enemy is identical to the goombas that
were originally seen on the original super
Mario brothers game. He does not do much, he
just walks back and forth, and he does not
stop when he comes to a ledge; he just keeps
walking. To kill them, just stomp on its head.

    • Micro-Goomba. . . . . : These are children of a para-goomba. When you
come in contact with certain para-goombas, you
will notice little tiny goombas that come out
of them. Those little tiny goombas are called
micro-goombas. They are very annoying. If you
touch one, it will stick to you, which will
limit many things that you can do. Pressing A
rapidly is the only way to get them off.

    • Muhchers. . . . . . . : These are basically a worse version of a
walking piranha. They are black, and they
don't actually attack you; they just stay to
one spot. However, if you accidentally touch
one, you will pay dearly. No attacks can
possibly harm them.

    • Para-Beetle . . . . . : These red shelled beetles can be extremely
pestering. They have two wings on them, which
will give them the ability to fly. You can jump
on top of them and ride them if you want. In
fact, they are necessary to cross large gaps in
some levels of the game.

    • Para-Goomba . . . . . : This enemy is simply a little Goomba with an
additional pair of wings. There are two
different variations of a para-goomba. The
first has wings, and will bounce up and down,
but will not actually fly. The second will take
flight from the ground, and will drop micro-
goombas from underneath him. When you jump on
either variation, they will turn into a little

    • Pile Driver Goomba. . : These fellows, that make their debut in world
2-1, will hid out in bricks until they see you
coming along. Then (still in their brick), they
will jump up at you and try to land on you.
Be sure to keep an eye out for them, because
their bricks usually blend in with other bricks
around them. To kill them, just jump on their
brick that they are hiding in.

    • Podoboo . . . . . . . : These guys were taken straight from super mario
brothers 1. They will leap from lava and a
different rate ever time. They are made of lava,
so fire cannot kill them. Nothing can kill them,
except a starman.

    • Ptooie. . . . . . . . : There are two different variations of a ptooie:
a walking one and one that lives in a pipe.
They blow out spikes from their mouths. They
can be killed with either fire power, or a
whip with a tail.

    • Rocky Wrench. . . . . : A mean turtle that hangs out underneath sewer
lids in airship levels. Despite his cool sun
glasses, he isn't very radical. He will suddenly
appear from underneath his sewer lid, and start
throwing wrenches at you. If you jump on him,
he will die, but another one will appear. To
permaneantly kill him, just blast him with a
bit of fire.

    • Rotodisc. . . . . . . : This enemy is very annoying to deal with. He is
only found in fortress levels. It's not really
a living enemy, just a white disc. He does not
do anything except move around in a circular
motion. Unfortinately, it cannot be killed.

    • Sledge Brothers . . . : This is a quite odd variation of a hammer
brother. It is much larger than a hammer
brother, and much fatter, too! They will jump
up, and when they land they will shake the
whole atmosphere! Try not to be on solid ground
when he lands from a jump, or else you will lose
your footing.

    • Spike . . . . . . . . : Spike is an enemy that is usually pretty mellow.
Until he sees Mario that is, then he will go
completely insane and start throwing spikes
(hence the name) at you. He is found mostly
above ground. A stomp will kill him.

    • Spiny . . . . . . . . : This anoying enemy, which was taken directly
from the original mario brothers game, is the
offspring of Lakitu. Lakitu will drop them from
behind his cloud, and they will drop to the
ground and hatch from their egg. They are called
spiny because of their spiked back, which cannot
be jumped on. They sometimes walk on the
ceiling, but only in underground levels.

    • Spiny Cheep-Cheep . . : This is basically the same as a cheep cheep,
except it has a spiny back, and move slightly
faster. The spiny back will make it oblivious
to bonks on the head, so the only way to kill
them is with a blast of fire.

    • Spiny Egg . . . . . . : This is the egg that comes from Lakitu. Lakitu
will throw these eggs from his cloud. In most
cases, they will hatch directly into a spiny,
but sometimes they do not. Kill them with fire
power only.

    • Stretch . . . . . . . : This is a ghost that hides under the floor. It
will wait for anyone to come along, which at
that point will rise from the floor, and attack
you. I don't believe they can be killed.

    • Thwomp. . . . . . . . : A thwomp is a mean, but huge blue brick that
is situated high in the air. When you walk up
to it's vertical position, it will drop on you
in an attempt to wipe you from the level. To
get past them, I usually get a running start.
However, if there is not enough room for a
running start, get close enough to him to make
him fall, and then back up from him. On his
rise, you can go past him. Unfortinately, you
cannot kill him.

    • Venus Fly Trap. . . . : This is the most common pirahna plant of the
game. They come in different sizes and shoot
fire from their mouths. They will shoot either
one or two fireballs depending on what level
you are in. They can be killed only with the
whip of a tail, or a shot of fire.

    • Walking Pirana. . . . : They are simply small white flowers that bounce
up and down. They will make a leap at you when
you get close. They can only be killed with a
whip of a tail.

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