Enemies (SM64DS)


These are the enemies you will face throughout the game.

[edit] Boss Enemies

  • King Bob-omb: Found in Bob-Omb Battlefield, the King of the Black Bob-Ombs makes two appearances. In the first encounter he tries to blow you up with his own loyal Black Bob-Ombs, and the second encounter he tries to grab you and throw you off the mountain. He's not very mobile though, due to his round shape.
  • King Whomp: Found in Whomp's Fortress, this walking pavement slab is massive. However, he suffers the same weakness as the other Whomps. He tries to flatten opponents by falling onto them, but this exposes his vulnerable back.
  • Unagi Eel: Located in Jolly Roger Bay, this boss is not one you defeat as such. Instead he proves to be a hazard during the retrieval of a few stars. He swims round in generic patterns after being lured out of his hole in the sunken pirate ship.
  • Big Boo: The biggest of the ghosts, Big Boo is the boss for both Big Boo's Haunt and Big Boo Battle. Like all Boos, Big Boo turns invisible when looked at, but comes after you when your back is turned. In the battle to free Luigi Big Boo can sometimes only be seen using the mirror in the room.
  • Big Bully: A large version of the bullies found in Lethal Lava Land. This Bully makes two appearances. Both times he charges the opponent and makes use of his weight to knock them into the lava. However, he can't stand the same punishment.
  • Eyerok: A pair of rock hands with eyes wait inside the pyramid of Shifting Sand Land. They slap and punch all over the arena, but often reveal their vulnerable spots – their eyes.
  • Ice Bully: This is just an icy version of the Big Bully from Lethal Lava Land. He has the same attacks, and is equally defeated by punching him off the platform.
  • Chief Chilly: The boss found in Chief Chilly Challenge. He's responsible for locking Wario away, who would ironically be the best choice for fighting him. Like the Big Bully he tries to ram you off the stage. The Chief must be knocked off three times, and each success makes the arena smaller.
  • Wiggler: The boss of Tiny-Huge Island, Wiggler waits in the mountain of Huge Island for those daring to face him, although the secret to entering is found in Tiny Island. Wiggler charges around the arena in a rampage, and gets angry when his head is hit.

[edit] Other Enemies

  • Goomba: These mushrooms-gone-bad can be found on many levels, Goombas have no special talents to speak of. Instead their only skill is to bump into opponents to damage them. Doesn't take much more than a stomp to knock them out though.
  • Black Bob-Ombs: Found on many levels. When they see an opponent their fuse lights and they chase after their prey until they explode. Their fuses also light when picked up. If kicked away or thrown they explode upon hitting the ground.
  • Koopa: A rare enemy, Koopa can sometimes be seen wandering around. Unlike most enemies Koopa runs away. Knock him out of his shell to be able to ride the shell. Hit them when they are out of their shells to defeat them and receive a Blue Coin.
  • Chain Chomp: Most likely the first enemy you'll meet that you cannot defeat directly. Chain Chomp will try to bite into you for decent damage. It seems doing something about the post he's chained to is the best option.
  • Whomps: Found in Whomp's Fortress, Whomps are large walking pavement slabs. They attack by trying to flatten enemies with their bodies. However, their backs are not resistant to a pounding.
  • Thwomps: In multiple stages. Thwomps cannot be destroyed with conventional means, although a size adjustment might do something about that. Thwomps try to squash enemies beneath their weight, but generally can only move up and down, and in set patterns. They appear bandaged in Shifting Sand Land, but are more often blue.
  • Bullet Bill: A launcher by the fortress tower fires these off. They have limited targetting capabilities. They cannot be defeated, and thus are best avoided.
  • Piranha Plants: There are various versions of this plant. Regular sized versions simply snap at you, but can only be defeated when sleeping. Small and large variants spit fireballs out, but can be defeated when they are awake with a physical attack.
  • Clamshell: Shells underwater that often conceal items . They open when they sense someone nearby and then snap closed soon afterwards, catching unwary prey.
  • Mr. Blizzard: A chilly enemy found in icy stages. Touching a snowman causes damage, as do the snowballs they throw. However, they have a poor sense of balance, and are unsteady turning. The jumping snowman don't throw snowballs and cannot be defeated.
  • Flamethrower: Embedded in a variety of objects, flamethrowers do exactly that. They fire jets of flame outward, taking short breaks between. Flamethrowers cannot be stopped.
  • Amp: These are floating balls charged with electricity. Touching one results in health loss, but they do not knock their victim off their feet like most other enemies do. Most fly around in pre-determined patterns, but some may aim to hit their target. Amp cannot be defeated.
  • Boo: Shy ghosts. They try to knock into opponents to damage them, but are vulnerable to attacks themselves. They fade away when looked at the eyes, requiring players to come from behind or to be able to attack backwards.
  • Bouncing Block: This one doesn't cause any direct damage. Once grabbed it will bounce three times, each bounce higher than the last and taking the character with them. Upon the third landing it will shatter and release its coins.
  • Mr. I: An oversized eyeball that fires bubbles. It keeps focused on its target, but can be spun dizzy easily.
  • Flying Book: These will fly out of bookcases and attack. They simply try to knock into the player, but a swift jump kick seems a suitable response. These are found in Big Boo's Haunt.
  • Flying Chair: Chairs are lifted into the air and launched as projectiles. Unlike Flying Books, these cannot be defeated and are thusly best avoided. They disappear when they hit something.
  • Piano: There is a single piano in Big Boo's Haunt that is alive and will snap its razor sharp teeth at anyone coming close. It guards a red coin and cannot be defeated.
  • Scuttle Bug: These creatures try to bump into opponents, but lack any form of defense themselves, thus pretty much any attack will defeat them.
  • Skeeter: These spiders skim across the water surface, damaging whatever they bump into. Jumping onto this enemy will defeat it, although that can be tricky from the water.
  • Swooper: Found in various places in the Hazy Maze Cave, these bats swoop in on anyone that comes near. Vulnerable to any attack, although they also vanish if they hit metal Wario.
  • Monty Mole: Confined to a few holes, they pop up, throw rocks and then quickly disappear back underground again. Any attack that connects defeats them.
  • Fly Guy: These flying enemies look like they're wearing gas masks at first glance. However, these masks fire bullets out. Most attacks will defeat the Snifit.
  • Bully: They charge as soon as they see a target and try to knock them off the safety of the ledge. These enemies require a suitable response to their bullying. Actual hits from these does not drain health, they merely knock you backwards.
  • Klepto the Condor: A large bird roaming the skies of Shifting Sand Lands. When not carrying a star around it swoops around and tries to steal the caps that are being worn. Although this enemy cannot be defeated a quick attack can stun him, and is also how you claim his treasure.
  • Pokey the Cactus: This tall enemy damages by bumping into targets. Although individual body parts can be knocked away they will regenerate. Only hitting the head will defeat this enemy and prevent regeneration.
  • Flame Chomp: These small black balls swell when they prepare an attack, and attack by spitting fireballs out. These enemies cannot be defeated, and are fixed in one spot which limits their attack range.
  • Tox Box: Boxes that move about the grey walkways above the deadly quicksand in Shifting Sand Land. They move by tipping over repeatedly. One side has a hole in it, which is the only way to pass and avoid being squashed. Wario is the only character that can defeat this enemy, by punching it from the inside.
  • Moneybags: An enemy that disguises itself as a coin, it reveals its true form when the player approaches and then starts bouncing around. A punch, kick or sliding attack will defeat it, producing a shower of coins.
  • Spindrift: Odd wandering enemies with a flower on their heads. They damage by bumping into players. If defeated by jumping on their heads the player is sent skyward and return to ground slowly by spinning to slow their descent.
  • Chuckya: These purple balls with arms chase after you and, if they grab you, will spin round and throw you. Often this leads to being thrown off high ledges. However, they have poor turning and must actually stop to turn around.
  • Heave Ho: This wind up scooper automatically homes in on nearby targets. If caught by one the target is flipped backwards by its powerful scoop. This results in damage and possible death depending on the direction thrown. This enemy cannot be defeated, although it can only move for so long before it needs to wind itself up again.
  • Bubba: A giant fish found in the huge side of Tiny-Huge Island. This fish will try to swallow you whole. Because of this it will kill you instantly if it catches you. Bubba cannot be defeated.
  • Lakitu: Unlike the Lakitu behind the camera these versions are not allies. They attack by throwing Spinys out. An aerial attack will defeat this enemy and prevent any more Spinys from appearing.
  • Spiny: This enemy is used by Lakitu as a weapon. They damage by bumping into players. Although it can be punched it cannot be defeated.

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