Enemies (MarioPL)

Name: Goomba
Where: Funfair, Grassy, and Fiery
About them: They are the weakest and slowest enemies, they can be defeated in one hit.

Name: Boo
Where: Funfair and Fiery
About them: They go invisible when they face Mario, but hit them from behind once to defeat them.

Name: Stinger
Where: Grassy
About them: They are slow and near the ground, but when they see Mario they go after him in a rage.

Name: Skating Guy
Where: Snowy
About them: They come in four colors (red, yellow, green, and blue) but this doesn't effect their ability as they are all the same. They move quickly but you can take them out in one hit.

Name: Mr. Blizzard
Where: Snowy
About them: He likes to stand about and throw snowballs at you. You can't destroy him without a star item.

Name: Cheep-Cheep
Where: Snowy and Fiery
About them: You can hit him once and he will die but he floats underwater so it isn't easy.

Name: Penguin
Where: Snowy
About them: Hit him once to knock him over, then hit him again before he gets up to defeat him.

Name: Pokey
Where: Sandy and Fiery
About them: These come in two or four sections, hitting one will destroy one section. Once you have destroyed all sections Pokey will be defeated.

Name: Condor
Where: Sandy
About them: To defeat them hit Mario over the Pyramid and hit them to defeat them.

Name: Spiky
Where: Sandy
About them: To defeat these hit them this will cause them to flip over then hit them again fast to defeat them.

Name: Cobrat
Where: Sandy
About them: They come in large numbers but only take one hit.

Name: Shy Guy
Where: Sandy
About them: They hide behind pillars but only take one hit to kill, they come out to taunt Mario that's when you strike.

Name: Fly Guy
Where: Fiery
About them: They only take one hit but are hard to hit as they fly around.

Name: Koopatrol
Where: Fiery
About them: To handle these hit them against the wall to shatter their armour but even if you kill them all they regenerate.

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