Electro Pop

Electro Pop
Electro Pop SPM.png
Appearances Paper Mario,Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door,Super Paper Mario
HP Restored 15/0/0
FP Restored 0/15/0
Damage Dealt 0

The Electro Pop is an item that appears throughout the Paper Mario series. It is a lollipop that has a yellow swirl inside of a brown candy.

It would first appear in Paper Mario. Tayce T. would require a Volt Shroom and a Cake Mix to cook a Electro Pop. When it is used, it will restore fifteen HP, as well as electrify Mario. It can also be sold for twenty-five coins.

The player would need a Volt Shroom and Cake Mix again to make this item in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It will restore fifteen FP and electrify the user when it is used in this game and can also be sold for twenty-five coins once more.

Saffron would only need a Thunder Rage in Super Paper Mario to create this item. When it is used, it will electrify the hero for 40 seconds. It could also be sold for 82 coins.

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