Doopliss as he appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door .

[edit] Appearance

Doopliss is a medium sized character who is encountered as a villan in the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. His normal physical appearance is not unlike a bed sheet ghost custom. He wears what looks to be a white bed sheet over himself with eyes and a mouth. He also wears what looks to be a party hat and small light red brown shoes. He is about the same size as Mario. He also wears a blue bow tie of sorts with long ends. What is meant by his normal physical appearance is that Doopliss has the name Doopliss for good reason. Doopliss can transform himself into others at will hence his name.

[edit] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the only game that Doopliss has made an appearance. Doopliss lives in Creepy Steeple which is located outside of Twilight Town. To get there from Twilight Town one must walk the Twilight Trail which contains some puzzles players must solve to pass through. There are also many enemies encountered on the way. Creepy Steeple is also home to many Boo's and Doopliss's Parrot. Swooper's are also encountered as enemies here. Doopliss has a room at the very top of Creepy Steeple fit with a TV,chair,tub,table, and other things to make the monster happy while he stews over his evil deeds.

Doopliss in his Creepy Steeple hideout.

[edit] Story

WARNING spoilers ahead! The following will tell how to get through parts of the game, and the outcomes.

Doopliss is first encountered in chapter 4 For Pigs And Bell Tolls. This chapter starts out with Mario arriving at twilight town via Warp Pipe from the underground area of Rogueport. When Mario first arrives you will see why and soon learn way the place is called Twilight Town. However one thing is badly wrong. Every time the bell in Creepy Steeple tolls one of the towns people is turned into a pig. Mario and friends of course have no idea what is going on but know they must help so they set out for Creepy Steeple. After moving through the woods that leads to Creepy Steeple they end up right out side the gate. The gate is locked so Mario must transform into a paper tube and roll under a gap in the brick fence. Once inside Mario and his partners must get to the top of the steeple where Doopliss is hiding. Once they find Doopliss at the top of the steeple there is no doubt he is the one turning everyone into pigs because he tells them himself. After this Mario and partners fight Doopliss and beat him, however after the battle ends something goes very wrong for Mario. Once game control starts up again the player will be playing as a shadow of Mario. This is because Doopliss transformed into Mario and turned the real Mario into a shadow of himself. In this way Doopliss hopes to destroy Mario. Back at the woods Mario encounters Doopliss before he can get back to the village. Doopliss demands that Mario guess his name, because it is the only way the curse can be broken. Knowing Mario wont know it he laughs and fights Mario every time he gets it wrong. The fight is endless because MMario and Mario cannot damage one another. Mario has no option but to run away. Back at Creepy Steeple there is a secret entrance located inside the well outside of the steeple. Using the power of his new partner Vivian Mario can then pass through the special door and get into the basement of Creepy Steeple where Doopliss's parrot lives, if Mario talks to the parrot enough it will say the name of the beast who locked it in the basement being Doopliss. Also in the same room Mario finds a p which was oddly missing before from the letter options. With the p and Doopliss's name Mario heads back. Mario than guesses his name correctly and returns to his old self. Doopliss then flees.

After this Doopliss joins the Shadow Sirens and continues to hinder Mario along his way. The second time he is encountered is on the train Excess Express which is bound for the city of Poshly Heights. Here he assumed the body of a well known toad on train as a disguise. His main plan was to bomb the train or at least those were his threats. Some items on the train were stolen by Doopliss in a hope of making a bomb of sorts. Later he is found out and runs away.

The third time he is encountered is with the two evil Shadow Sirens and this time a fight takes place. After they are defeated Doopliss causes no more problems for Mario and partners. Strangely enough after the game ends Doopliss helps one of Mario's partners Madame Flurrie, with a play of Mario's adventure. In this play he plays Mario by transforming into him.

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