Dodge Bomb

Dodge Bomb

Wario and Mario playing Dodge Bomb.

Game Mini-Game is in Mario Party 5
Objective Knock out the other players with Bob-ombs to win.
Mini-Game type 4-Player
Time Limit 60 seconds
Mini-Game Decathlon Event? No

Dodge Bomb is a 4-player mini-game in Mario Party 5.

[edit] Rules and Objective

The goal in this mini-game is to knock out the other players by throwing Bob-bombs at them. Bob-ombs will come out of the multi-colored houses surrounding the arena the players are in. The last player standing is delcared the winner. Should more than one player be left after the 60 second time limit has elapsed, or the final 2 players are eliminated at the same time, then a draw will be declared.

[edit] Advice

When Bob-ombs start to flash red, you can't pick them up and they will explode seconds later. Keep away from them at all costs. Also, when a player picks up a Bob-omb, they are motionless until they are able to throw it. Use this to your advantage to get a quick KO with your own Bob-omb.

[edit] Controls

A button= Pick up/toss a Bob-omb
Control Stick= Move

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