Delfino Airstrip

Delfino Airstrip
M at the Delfino Airstrip
A Goop-Covered Delfino Airstrip
Connected To Isle Delfino
Appearance Super Mario Sunshine

The Delfino Airstrip is the place where the tourists of Delfino Isle in Super Mario Sunshine first arrive at because of the plane landing here after transporting the passengers and tourists. It is the first playable area in Super Mario Sunshine that Mario, Peach and Toadsworth enter.

When the group first arrives, they find something suspicious going on. Peach sees a strange figure standing on top of the tower that looks a lot like Mario, but is a different color. Toadsworth orders Mario to go find the princess something to get her out of the heat (which actually starts the journey), so Mario goes off to find something. Eventually, he finds a machine called F.L.U.D.D., who quickly becomes an essential asset in Mario's journey.

F.L.U.D.D. introduces itself to Mario, then teaches him how to use it. They become acquainted with no trouble, and begin spraying the goop. While they are spraying it however, a large creature emerges from the Goop, which startles Mario and F.L.U.D.D.. After they defeat it, a Shine Sprite comes out from where the monster is. After they grab it, however, the pair are dragged away by Delfino Police for "vandalism", referring to the goop that was there.

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