Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

The box art for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Developer Konami
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube
Release Dates Japan - July 14, 2005

North America - October 24, 2005
Europe - October 28, 2005

Genre Music
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Story Mode

Wow... A Story mode in DDR... That's nice. In Story mode, you get to choose to be either Luigi or Mario. There is also inconsistancy between songs and the cut scenes. In Story mode, you have to collect Keys. There are 5 Keys to collect in total, and each Key is located within the 5 worlds (levels). In the final dance, Mario and Luigi danced to the final song from the Keys, flying in the skies, space, or just partying with the Boos and Mr. Blizzards.

[edit] Characters

There are only 2 playable characters in this game. They are...

Mario Luigi

And there are some characters that aren't playable. They are...

Wario Waluigi Hammer Bro Pirate Lakitu Toad Toadette Bowser

[edit] Controls

If you didn't know, you can either you 2 things to play. They are...

Dance Pad: If you played DDR before, or been to an arcade before, you will know what this is. A dance pad has arrows on it so that you can follow the screen. DDR has Up, Left, Down, and Right. Others have Corners and the Middle.

Controller: It's basically the same thing. Up, Left, Down, Right. Or A, B, Y, or Z. When I play DDR on the controller, My left hand uses the Left and Down directions, and my right hand uses the Y and Z buttons to play.

[edit] Mini-Games

Which Mario game doesn't have Mini-Games? DDR: Mario Mix has 7 mini-games. One of them has to be unlocked in Story Mode. The final mini-game is unlocked when you have unlocked all the songs.

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