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Creepy Steeple
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The outside of Creepy Steeple .


[edit] Creepy Steeple

Creepy Steeple is a large steeple located a ways outside of Twilight Town. It stands at the end of Twilight Trail and is the home of many Boo's including The Creepy Steeple Boo. Doopliss also lived here for a time before Mario drove him out.

[edit] Front Yard

Creepy Steeple has a small front lawn enclosed by a tall brick fence and metal gates. The lawn looks blue in the dark lighting of the moon overhead. There is a stone path that leads to the front doors. Out side the fence there is a well that leads to the basement of Creepy Steeple.

[edit] The Well

Within the well there are to small underground rooms that contain some secrets and the entrance to Creepy Steeples basement. These rooms also contain some enemies which are blocking the way to the basement. On the right side of the second room there is a door Mario an push which leads to the basement. There is a trick to getting inside.

[edit] Entrance Hall

Once one passes through the front doors they will be in the large entrance hall. There are to doors on ether side of the hall which lead outside onto walkways on ether side of Creepy Steeple. The statue located towards the end of the hall can be pushed to reveal a second entrance to the basement. However you can only access the first area of the basement by going into this entrance. The other area can only be accessed by going in the well. There is also a secret room located in the entrance hall which can be accessed after Mario becomes a paper tube. The many Boo's live in the entrance hall of Creepy Steeple after they are set free from the box they were imprisoned in. The Creepy Steeple Boo is very happy to have all of his friends set free. The entrance hall features stain glass windows along the walls. There are also large pillars holding up the two halls above.

[edit] Secret Room

The small secret room holds a few secrets. However you must find it first to get the secrets.

[edit] Basement

The basement of Creepy Steeple is rather large and consists of two parts. The first part is accessed by the hole under the statue. The second part is accessed through the well outside. The first part contains two small rooms, a small dark secret hall, and two main halls which lead to the other side of the basement. when Mario first enters the basement through the hole in the Entrance Hall he will be in the first small room. There is a secret door here in the wall that leads to another small secret room to the right. A small pitch dark tunnel or hall leads to the room which contains one small chest. The main door to the left of the starting room leads to the main hall of the basement which leads to the other side. This hall contains a colorful box which contains 200 Boos. After it is opened the Boos escape, one Boo asks Mario how many Boos he thought where inside the box. Based on Mario's answer he will get a reward from the Boos. For more information on this visit The Creepy Steeple Boo. The door at the end of this hall does indeed lead to the other side of the basement but it is locked. In order to get to the other side you must pass through the secret door in the well.

[edit] The Two Walkways

There are two walkways running along the outside of Creepy Steeple on ether side. They can be accessed by passing through the two doors located on ether side of the entrance hall. At first Mario cannot pass through these doors because the The Creepy Steeple Boo wont let him. After Mario frees all of the Boos from the box in the basement the Boo will than allow him through the doors. Both doors lead to an identical walkway on ether side of Creepy Steeple. At the end of each there is a red switch and a door. The door on ether side leads to the same room where there is a single staircase. The staircase can be moved so Mario can access three different doors which lead to different paths. Mario can move the stair case left or right by hitting the switch's located on both sides of Creepy Steeple. On the left side of Creepy Steeple or the walkway towards the top of the screen there is a tiny gap in the fence Mario can fit through while he is paper thin. This leads to a secret area just outside of Creepy Steeple.

[edit] The Secret Area

After Mario slips through the fence he will come to a secret area just outside of Creepy Steeple. There is a golden tree standing here and if Mario whacks it with his hammer he will get a Golden Leaf. The game says it is a strange leaf found only at Creepy Steeple.

[edit] The Staircase Room

The staircase room is a rather good sized room that can be accessed by passing through ether door along both sides of the outside walkway. In here is a strange staircase that is controlled by the two red switches. The staircase leads to three doors, however only one door can be accessed at a time. The center door leads back into the entrance hall, and the right and left doors lead to the small halls located above and on ether side of the entrance hall. These halls can be called the second floor because it is all the second floor consists of.

[edit] The Second Floor

The second floor in Creepy Steeple is rather small and consists of two halls located on ether side of the entrance hall. When down below in the entrance hall one can see the pillars which hold up these two halls. Mario can access these halls by changing the staircase using the red switches. The hall on the left leads no ware and the only purpose it serves is to hold the Creepy Steeple key. At the end of this hall sits the key to the door which leads to the top of Creepy Steeple. Mario must jump over some gaps in the floor while walking the hall. The second floor hall on the other side of the entrance hall leads to the door, which leads to the top of Creepy Steeple.

[edit] The Main Staircase

After Mario uses the key and passes through this door he will find himself at the bottom of a large spiral staircase. This staircase leads to the top of Creepy Steeple where Doopliss lingers. At the top of the staircase is a bouncer which Mario must jump on, sending him up into the tower of Creepy Steeple.

[edit] The Creepy Steeple Tower

At the top of Creepy Steeple is a small room where Doopliss lives or once lived before Mario put an end to his evil ways. This was almost like Doopliss's house complete with a TV among other things. The room has very large windows that face the bright moon.

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