Creepy Cavern

Creepy Cavern

Overview of Creepy Cavern board map

Game board is in Mario Party 3
Difficulty Level Hard
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Available at the start

Creepy Cavern is one of the 6 playable maps in Mario Party 3. This map is set in some sort of underground mine or dungeon setting. It is a fairly large map that gets split by the Whomp King. He will lay in the path of one of the 2 paths in the center area of the map. There are 2 ways to move him. The direct way is to give him an item that he is wanting. The item will vary during the turn so having the item he wants has a lot to do with luck. When you give him the item he is seeking, he'll shift over to the other side in the center to allow you through. The other way is to land on Happening Spaces that are near him as these will cause him to fall over on the other side. Other happening spaces will cause a mine cart to come out and chase players that are on the tracks to the other end of the tracks from which the cart came from. The music that plays on this board as players take their turns is actually a remix of Underground levels from the original Super Mario Bros.. In Story Mode, the player battles to gain the Courage Star Stamp.

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