A Creeper engulfing Luigi
Species Ghost
Ally King Boo
Max Weight 12w
Debut Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Latest Appearance Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(2013)
Ghost Container Description "These gooey ghosts just love to cuddle, and they'll never want to let you go. But after the Dark Moon broke apart, they forgot about the cuddling part. Watch out for them on floors and ceilings!"

[edit] Description

Creeper's are large or small cuddly Ghost enemies encountered in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They enjoy sticking to walls or ceilings disguised as a large purple puddle of goo. When on the floor they can be pretty hard to spot while in puddle form, allowing Luigi to get fooled into stepping on him. Once Luigi steps on him he comes up and engulfs him, making Luigi take damage as he tries to escape. Players can mash the B button to struggle allowing them to escape a little quicker. Once Luigi breaks free they will separate into two small forms that try and charge the player. They used to be very friendly, loving to cuddle people (such as E. Gadd) and just plain adorable. But when King Boo shattered the Dark Moon they became hostile like the other ghosts, know taking to suffocating people instead of cuddling them.

[edit] Defeating Them

Creepers are overall very easy to defeat when they are looked for and avoided as puddles. Most of the time Creepers will only damage players because they blend in so well in puddle form, allowing players to miss them and step on them. However if they are spotted one must simply start sucking the puddle with the Poltergust 5000, this will trick the Creeper into popping up, allowing Luigi to stun him and suck him up. After he has broke apart after cuddling/engulfing Luigi his two smaller forms can be stunned and sucked up easily.

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