Crane Game

Crane Game
Crane Game.jpg
Mario dropping Peach into a Warp Pipe
World Three
Level(s) One
Players Four
Time Limit Varying
Type 1 vs. 3
Controls Analog + Buttons

Crane Game is one of the many mini-games in Mario Party 2. It consists of one player in the crane, attempting to pick up the other three characters and drop them into the Warp Pipe. This is different from the original Mario Party, where the character on the crane only had to pick up one character, but if that character escaped, the character on the crane lost. There are also stopwatches that add fifteen, twenty, or thirty seconds to the clock if the crane character picks them up and drops them in the Warp Pipe.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Aesthetic

One character (Solo Character in the Mini-Game Advice Screen) is hoisted up into a crane before the mini-game starts. They then move around, trying to capture the other three characters and drop them into the Warp Pipe before they can wriggle free. There are also multiple stopwatches that can increase the allotted time for the mini-game if they are dropped into the Warp Pipe.

[edit] Controls

  • A Button
    • Drops Crane and character down to below where that character is hovering (holding)/drops character that is being held by crane character (when released)
  • Analog Stick
    • Moves Character around

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