Course Types (MarioKartGBA)

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Circuit Courses

  • Peach Circuit (Mushroom Cup, Course 1)
  • Mario Circuit (Flower Cup, Course 1)
  • Luigi Circuit (Lightning Cup, Course 1)

Outdoor tracks designed to introduce the player to the tricks of the new Cup.

Beach Courses

  • Shy Guy Beach (Mushroom Cup, Course 2)
  • Cheep Cheep Island (Lightning Cup, Course 3)

Avoid water, crabs, seagulls and Shy Guy pirate ship cannons on these tracks!

Park Courses

  • Riverside Park (Mushroom Cup, Course 3)
  • Lakeside Park (Special Cup, Course 1)

Nice, gentle drives around the parks. Until the eruption starts, that is...

Bowser's Castles

  • Bowser Castle 1 (Mushroom Cup, Course 4)
  • Bowser Castle 2 (Flower Cup, Course 4)
  • Bowser Castle 3 (Star Cup, Course 4)
  • Bowser Castle 4 (Special Cup, Course 3)

90-degree turns, lava pits and robotic traps make these courses very hazardous...

Ghost Courses

  • Boo Lake (Flower Cup, Course 2)
  • Broken Pier (Special Cup, Course 2)

Full of gaps and secret bridges. Are the Boos friends or foes? See for yourself...

Desert Courses

  • Cheese Land (Flower Cup, Course 3)
  • Sunset Wilds (Lightning Cup, Course 4)
  • Yoshi Desert (Star Cup, Course 3)

You'll be contending with plenty of sand (or even cheese!) in your engine here!

Snow Courses

  • Snow Land (Star Cup, Course 1)

Only one of them, and it's a nightmare of ice. Try not to slip...

Ribbon Courses

  • Ribbon Road (Star Cup, Course 2)

Parcels and ribbons galore on this speedy technical track!

Sky Courses

  • Sky Garden (Lighting Cup, Course 2)

Avoid gaps and plant life as you ride the clouds!

Rainbow Space Courses

  • Rainbow Road (Special Cup, Course 4)

Test your abilities among the stars in the ultimate Mario Kart: Super Circuit experience!

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