Cool Cool Mountain

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Cool Cool Mountain
Beginning of the Level
Star Missions Slip Slidin' Away

Li'l Penguin Lost
Big Penguin Race
Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins
Snowman's Lost His Head
Wall Kicks Will Work

Cool Cool Mountain is the fourth course in Super Mario 64. The painting for the course is located on the first floor of Princess Peach's Castle on the left near Bob-Omb Battlefield. The door will be labeled "3", which means you will need at least 3 stars to gain access to the course. This is the first snow level of the game and is home to several penguins and Spindrifts. There is a teleporatation area located on the broken bridges. There are also 3 cannons in the level and a slide. If Mario falls off the course, he will die.

When Mario first enters the level, he will be told to watch for slippery conditions and to enter the cottage first.


[edit] Levels

[edit] Star 1: Slip Slidin' Away

When Mario enters the level, he is greeted by a message to enter the cottage. For Mario to get inside the cottage, he will need to jump into the chimney and he will be inside the cottage which reveals a slide inside it. Mario will have to slide down the slide and avoid falling off. Once at the end, Mario will land in another room of the house. Going through the door will take Mario outside and the first Power Star of the level will appear.

On the slide, there is a secret passage. To find this passage, there will be a line of coins leading towards a wall. Going through this will take you to the end faster and give you to 1-Up Mushroom.

[edit] Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost

For the second Power Star, Mario will need to find a penguin and bring it to the Penguin in a small pool of water outside the cottage at the bottom of the course. When Mario first enters the course, he will see a penguin just above the chimney of the cottage. Mario will then pick up this penguin and return her to her mother at the bottom of the course. The mother penguin will reward Mario will the Power Star.

If Mario drops the penguin off the cliff, then he will have to start the mission over. Taking the baby penguin after bring her to her mother will result in the mother penguin chasing after Mario.

There is also another penguin on top of a house. Bring this penguin to the mother and she says it's not hers.

[edit] Star 3: Big Penguin Race

Mario will need to return to the cottage once more for this Power Star. Once inside, Mario will find a large penguin standing in front of the slide. When Mario approaches the penguin, he will be challenged to a race, to see who gets to the bottom first. If Mario can beat the penguin, he will be rewarded with the third Power Star of the course. If he takes the hidden passage, then the penguin will accuse Mario of cheating and you will not get the Power Star.

[edit] Star 4: Frosty Slide For The 8 Red Coins

The 8 Red Coins for this course are scattered all over the mountain. Here is where Mario can find them:

  • One on the top of the tree at the start of the level.
  • One is at the bottom of the slide near the snowmans head.
  • One is at the top of the rope swing.
  • One is on one side of the severed bridge after the bridge of the jumping snowman.
  • One is near the warp of the mountain.
  • One is on the cliff of the mountain near the warp at the bottom.
  • One is on top of the tree near the mother penguin.
  • One is on a cliff in the middle of the mountain.

Once all 8 Red Coins are collected, the Power Star will appear on the Star Marker.

[edit] Star 5: Snowman's Lost His Head

For Mario to collect the 5th Power Star of the course, he will need to head left to where the Tuxie is found. There, Mario will find a platform with a snowball on it. When Mario approaches the snowball, it will tell Mario that it is looking for a new head. Near the bottom of the course, there is a head looking for a new body, so Mario will tell the body and it will start to roll down the slope of the mountain, growing in size as it goes along. For the body to find the head, Mario will need to get in front of the Snowmans head and direct it to it's new home. If Mario fails to do this, then the snowball will miss its target and fall off the course. When you the two snowballs have met, the Snowman will reward Mario with his next Power Star.

[edit] Star 6: Wall Kicks Will Work

For Mario to collect this Power Star, he will need to use the cannon. To find the Pink Bob-omb, just go on the wooden lift and the Bob-omb will be waiting on the floating mountain.

Entering the cannon at the bottom of the mountain near the exit of the cottage will get you across the gap, where the Power Star is. Mario could also use a Spindrift to float down there too. Next, Mario will need to make his way along a sheer cliff with a couple of Spindrifts, and a long jump across a pit. Once on the other side, Mario will need to run up the first slope and wall kick to the next sloped platform. He will then need to run up this platform and perform a triple jump and wall kick at the apex of the jump. If Mario falls, there is a heart at the bottom of the slope. Once on the last platform, Mario will need to cross the narrow ice bridge and collect the 6th Power Star.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

In Cool Cool Mountain, there are 154 coins to collect. Here are some hints for collecting 100 coins to get the Star:

  • 2 Blue Coins from Blue Coin Switch
  • 8 Red Coins
  • 72 Coins on the slide inside the Cottage.
  • Two Lines of Coins on the slide down the mountain.
  • Beating Spindrifts give you three coins each.

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